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Landing Page Template 40 Free HTML landing page templates

So you’ve got your product all set. You have spent weeks finding the right problem to solve, months or even years developing a brilliant solution that will relieve your customer pains, and now there is only one thing missing: You’re almost ready to launch - you need a landing page.

Even if you're trying to sell an online service, an ebook, or a digital course, a landing page is critical in helping you achieve the desired outcome based on your specific goal, so it's worth spending some time find out what you really need to get it right.

Unfortunately, creating a landing page is hard and time-consuming: the structure, the design, the images, the copy, and so on. It’s overwhelmingly tough.

The good news is - you don’t have to design your landing page from scratch, and with so many free landing page templates out there, you can easily create a beautiful landing page in no time, saving hours of development that you can invest in creating the right message for your business.

I spent hours researching and finding the best free HTML landing page templates out there, and as the result, I’ve come up with this list of 40 beautiful templates that you can use for multiple purposes, tools, and projects. For example:

  • Open source projects
  • Digital services, ebooks, and online courses
  • Newsletters
  • SaaS products
  • Mobile apps

All the templates from the following list are 100% free, carefully crafted by different teams and authors, and built with HTML5 and Bootstrap. Enjoy the reading, and feel free to use them for whatever you want.

1. Solid

Solid template
Live demo and download

Solid is a one-page landing page template designed for online tools, SaaS products, and digital services. It's built with HTML5, and it comes with a modern and trendy dark look, a bright complementary palette, 3D icons/illustrations, and it’s wisely coded and documented, so you don’t have to worry about customising the template for your specific needs and purposes.

Additional features:

  • Easy to adapt hero placeholders
  • Versatile and multipurpose iconography
  • Ready-to-use pricing tabs

2. Switch

Switch Template
Live demo and download

Switch is a free HTML landing page template built with high design standards and responsive performances in mind. It’s called Switch because it comes with a top hero toggle that allows you to easily switch between a dark and light layout, so you can impress your users by showing a truly original look and feel inspired by the sky that changes during the course of the day.

Additional features:

  • Vector-based multi-coloured shapes
  • Perspective app design mockups
  • Mobile-first content

3. SaaS Application

SaaS Template
Live demo and download

SaaS application is a free Bootstrap 4 landing page template with a playful and friendly color scheme. It’s designed to serve multiple kinds of SaaS related software and services, and it's especially recommended if you need a contemporary set of ready-made human illustrations, modern iconography, pricing components, and a text form to capture email addresses.

Additional features:

  • Modern and contemporary drawings
  • Generous set of ready-made sections
  • Built for different uses and products

4. April

April Template
Live demo and download

April has a simple layout and powerful customisation options for everyone who needs beautiful, responsive components for their projects or newsletter services. With smooth navigation, and a set of valuable coded elements this template has got you covered if you need to display application features, customer testimonials, and a preview of the real product from the top hero part.

Additional features:

  • Modern and contemporary drawings
  • Generous set of ready-made sections
  • Built for different uses and products

5. Digital Service

Digital Service Template
Live demo and download

Digital service is a responsive landing page template developed to help you showcase your mobile app or online presence fast and easy. It's based on Bootstrap 4, and it comes with a vast variety of pre-designed parts such as masonry testimonials, pricing table, input forms, three-column feature section, and many more. Last but not least, the versatility of its design, makes this template a perfect choice to support multi niches.

Additional features:

  • Ideal to test app prototypes
  • Elegant and open-source imagery
  • Adaptable for products and online services

6. Venus

Venus Template
Live demo and download

Venus is a free one page landing page template based on pre-built design sections and HTML5. It follows the latest best practices in terms of responsive design, and it's very easy to customise thanks to the presence of multiple editable mobile application placeholders, hand-made vector illustrations, Google Fonts, social media icons, and a fully editable color product palette.

Additional features:

  • Page stellar animations
  • Flexible layout and content design
  • Works wonderfully on any device

7. Ellie

Ellie Template
Live demo and download

Build a beautiful landing page and start collecting newsletter subscribers with this dark, bright, and compact free template. With Ellie, It takes less than 5 to make your product stands out from the crowd, and thanks to the top hero animations and the composition of pixel-perfect shapes you will never have visitors bouncing before scrolling to the body section again.

Additional features:

  • Dynamic hero transitions
  • Built-in demo functionalities
  • Tech and extensive color palette

8. Software

Software Template
Live demo and download

Easily create a custom and highly adaptable app website with Berlin, a free Bootstrap 4 landing page template built specifically for SaaS projects and who want to convert more prospects into customers, and that believe that a well-designed landing page can make a huge difference between an average product and a well-recognised international software brand.

Additional features:

  • Content randomly generated on the fly
  • Smart table options
  • Section for video presentations

9. Laurel

Laurel Template
Live demo and download

Laurel is a bold and beautiful landing template based on the latest version of HTML5 which will help you showcase your mobile application beautifully and elegantly. Features side, the template comes with the Sass files, NPM scripts as the build tool, and the package.json sample file. In terms of the design, all assets are built to offer endless and sweet customisation options.

Additional features:

  • Well documented code files
  • Upcoming feature updates
  • Full niche app template

10. Prism

Prism Template
Live demo / Download

Prism is a lightweight and modern free template built specifically for open-source projects using Bootstrap 4, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Users love Prism because is dead simple to use, highly intuitive to modify, and it covers the majority of elements that anyone can expect from a landing page with these kinds of design and functional characteristics.

Additional features:

  • SEO dedicated design
  • Well Commented code
  • Creative one page layout

11. Web Application

Web Application Template
Live demo and download

Web Application is the best way to build a simple HTML landing page that can help you attract users for your next great web application or desktop app - Thanks to a well-listed section of features, functional slide customers, and engaging call to actions, Web Application makes it easy to quickly set up an attractive standalone page for different needs, scopes.

Additional features:

  • Attractive buttons and forms
  • Ultimate HTML Features
  • Different demo variations

12. Knight

Knight Template
Live demo / Download

As a brave cavalier in the night, Knight is a dark, modern, and elegant Bootstrap 4 landing page template design specifically for product landing pages. It comes with perks like Feather & Font Awesome icons, slick slider, FAQ list, and many more. Built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Sass, Knight guarantees incredible responsive performances and smooth customisation options.

Additional features:

  • Great UI/UX and asset files
  • Auto resize images
  • Free unlimited support

13. DevBook

DevBook Template
Live demo / Download

DevBook is a free Bootstrap 4 book landing page template designed specifically for developers and programmers who want to promote or sell a book/ebook online. It contains all the essential elements to engage curious visitors into potential readers, and because it’s totally custom-developed, you can easily integrate it with platforms like Gumroad will handle purchases and payments on your behalf.

Additional features:

  • Compatible with modern browsers
  • Free book mockups
  • Multiple available licenses

14. Tivo

Tivo Template
Live demo / Download

Tivo is a free app landing page template made with HTML5 and created accurately to support the creation of appealing software as a service (SaaS) websites, and B2C application pages. Tivo is a smart solution for anyone looking for simple dropdown navigation, article details, video box, text slider testimonials, and an easy to use license that allows the production of an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.

Additional features:

  • Functional contact forms
  • Google Fonts and Font Awesome
  • Fully tested in every browser

15. Slick

Slick Template
Live demo / Download

Slick is a free and original multi-purpose web template based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. Slick offers superior design techniques and the best UI/UX practices to provide an excellent experience on any kind of digital devices, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. It comes with two different homepage variations for web-based software products and mobile applications.

Additional features:

  • CSS libraries and line Icons
  • Super rich typography
  • Stripe design inspiration

16. Online Course

Online Course Template
Live demo and download

Online Course is a free HTML landing page template that provides you with everything you need to build a business and generate revenue by creating and selling online courses. With Online Course template you can quickly set up the #1 user experience design course in the market, and thanks to a huge variant of useful elements, you can support ready to access online classes, video lessons, and review systems.

Additional features:

  • Functional course curriculum
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • Multiple content presentation

17. Union

Union Template
Live demo / Download

Union is a free landing page that can help you create beautiful responsive HTML sites, faster and easier. Trusted by thousands of happy users, Union comes with over 10 different color schemes, well-ordered Sass files (for quick customisation), attractive imagery, and it’s the ideal option for creative teams looking for a high performance one page with several editable components.

Additional features:

  • Valid and handwritten Code
  • Nice and smooth scrolling
  • Pre-integrated and functional forms

18. Mobile App 2.0

Mobile App 2.0 Template
Live demo and download

Mobile App 2.0 is a free mobile app template designed specifically for mobile applications, startups, product development companies, and businesses with a specific focus on user acquisition. Mobile App 2.0 provides you with a well-documented setup that will have you up and running in less than 3 minutes, and without compromising the possibility the page layout with ease.

Additional features:

  • Vector-based bubble shapes
  • Slider with gallery screenshots
  • Different presentation types

19. Atlas

Atlas Template
Live demo / Download

Atlas is a responsive and highly customisable startup landing page that offers numerous awesome features like, promote SaaS, contact us section, elegant hero, pricing tabs, hand-made icons, and product features. With Atlas, you can quickly create any landing page in just a few clicks, and thanks to Bootstrap Framework you can also import your own favorite components.

Additional features:

  • Safe and reliable layout
  • Up to 15 documents
  • Fresh layout color scheme

20. Simple

Simple Template
Live demo / Download

Simple is a clean and friendly one page landing page template designed to impress your users with a modern and colorful look. Featuring a handsome neat design, Simple landing page is an ideal candidate for showcasing your early-stage startup, online service, and digital product. The template comes with creative and unique design, human illustrations, pixel perfect icons, and a set of pre-built elements that will make it easy to present main app features and benefits.

Additional features:

  • Regular updates and improvements
  • MIT licensed
  • Quick and friendly support

21. Phantom

Phantom Template
Live demo / Download

Phantom is a creative and contemporary Bootstrap 4 landing page template built for developers who want to create a quick and fresh landing page for their side projects, and open source tools. This template offers a unique and niche layout that you can immediately adapt to suit your own needs, and a large collection of high-quality coded elements wisely crafted and organised.

Additional features:

  • Responsive and compatible with modern devices
  • Screenshots included in the design
  • Reusable components

22. Nova

Nova Template
Live demo / Download

Nova is a responsive and professional mobile app landing page powered by HTML5 and Bootstrap 4. Nova is a powerful and super flexible product, which suits perfectly for a vast variety of application landing pages. This template is a perfect solution for everyone looking for a fresh online presence, and something different from the usual website presentation.

Additional features:

  • Vast library of elements with variability
  • No attribution required
  • Available for personal and commercial projects

23. Leno

Leno Template
Live demo / Download

Leno is a free and dark mobile app HTML landing page built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This eye-catching template features an image slider with a large preview for placeholders, a dynamic carousel for customer testimonials, and a set of additional pages that include a contact form section where prospects can easily contact you for inquiries or questions.

Additional features:

  • W3C valid code tested
  • Animated statistics and numbers
  • GDPR friendly design

24. Snap

Snap Template
Live demo / Download

Snap is the fastest way to create a handsome landing page that showcases a utility application. With Snap you will get all the necessary pages and sections that a modern website needs to present its features the right way. Some of the features include pricing tabs, support section, desktop placeholders, benefit tiles, and a carousel to displays user reviews.

Additional features:

  • Corporate digital solution
  • Flexible homepage variation
  • Tested on different mobile devices

25. Evolo

Evolo Template
Live demo / Download

Evolo is a fresh and charming landing page template designed for a large variety of online services and digital products. Because it’s built on top of flexible components, Evolo is a great companion if you’re looking to create an unlimited number of additional pages with ease. This template also offers a collection of supporting elements that can be integrated to build a completely new website with convenience.

Additional features:

  • Slider for partner screenshots
  • Unlimited number of projects supported
  • Image file and text logo options

26. Basic

Basic Template
Live demo / Download

Basic is a software and SaaS landing page template developed on top of Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. This template comes with all the essential elements a startup needs to quickly exhibit a digital product. Basic it's fully responsive, coded via multiple blocks, and it’s so flexible that increasing the base components of Bootstrap 4 has never been more accessible.

Additional features:

  • Free and PRO features available
  • Footer credits removal
  • Documentation included

27. Quick

Quick Template
Live demo / Download

Quick is a free HTML landing page built for mobile-first projects, startups, and digital services. This template includes 50+ pre-built components, 2 useful plugins, and 4 nicely designed responsive pages. Quick is an always-improving template that gains additional features and UI components with each new update to delight its users.

Additional features:

  • Video presentation available
  • Smart code markup
  • Includes familiar tools like NPM and Gulp.

28. devAid

devAid Template
Live demo / Download

devAid is a clean Bootstrap template perfect to help programmers showcase their personal side projects, and open source products. This template comes with 4 different color schemes, source SCSS files to easily perform styling customisations, and it offers a large number of extra elements to immediately adapt the content based on the tool the landing contains.

Additional features:

  • Classic header layout
  • Superfast loading
  • Based on a popular front-end framework

29. Marshmallow

Marshmallow Template
Live demo / Download

Marshmallow is an HTML landing page template designed for various types of SaaS products, startups, and application showcases. The template is 100% responsive and looks stunning on all types of devices. Marshmallow comes with beautifully designed elements and inner pages that will make your website look and feel secure and professional.

Additional features:

  • Functional carousel available
  • Dynamic website stats and numbers
  • Separate iconography and illustrations

30. Appland

Appland Template
Live demo / Download

Appland is a free and elegant landing page template created specifically for application landings, software, and online tools. Appland is highly functional and it comes with an original design and all necessary elements a startup needs to build compelling landing pages from scratch with pre-built layout views and unlimited creative possibilities.

Additional features:

  • Crafted for different purposes
  • Includes all essential features and elements
  • Stunning and animated hero section

31. The SEO Company

The SEO Company Template
Live demo / Download

The SEO Company is a free and graceful one page HTML template designed for digital teams who what to build a clean and stunning landing page to present their online services. In terms of features, this template presents a unique design, attractive smooth transitions, mobile touch sliders, and a well mixed set of advanced elements to maximise the conversion rates.

Additional features:

  • PSD template and files included
  • Direct download
  • Clean features zig-zag

32. Dazzle

Dazzle Template
Live demo / Download

Dazzle is a responsive one page template with a parallax scrolling layout that was built to offer smooth appearances and unlimited customisation possibilities. Dazzle was designed and developed having the latest design trends in mind, and it is optimised to include all essential elements to create a visually appealing one page for nearly every possible occasion.

Additional features:

  • Smooth scroll to sections
  • App overview section
  • Testimonial slider and download buttons

33. New Age

New Age Template
Live demo / Download

New Age is an app landing page template that will help you beautifully showcase your new mobile app or anything else with absolute joy and peace of mind. The template features different free to use HTML/CSS device placeholders, a custom made navigation with scrolling animations, and semantic markup with nav, parts, and asides. Thanks to its bold, colorful, and stylish look, New is an excellent boilerplate for your next app-based project!

Additional features:

  • Menu with scrolling transitions
  • Different button styles
  • CSS gradient with texture and overlay

34. Landing Page

Landing Page Template
Live demo / Download

Landing Page is a responsive landing page template for HTML5 and Bootstrap 4. Landing Page makes it easy to build an eye-catching web presence even for non-technical users, and with its and detailed finishings you will find changing any template section or element a piece of cake. In terms of features, the template includes an input form opt-in header with a responsive background image, and generous content sections to showcase app functionalities and benefits.

Additional features:

  • Simple line icons included
  • Dynamic content sections
  • Responsive background picture

35. Coming Soon

Coming Soon Template
Live demo / Download

If you’re working on a new exciting product, and you need to start building an audience around it Coming Soon is the template that will help you create a stunning pre-launch landing page in a few minutes and with ease. Coming Soon is the ideal solution to engage early customers with an elegant ready-to-use product, and because it is designed for multiple purposes, you don’t need heavy customisation works to adapt the content for your specific purposes and needs.

Additional features:

  • Mobile fallback image
  • Email subscribers opt-in input
  • Practical video background

36. SaaS Subscription

SaaS Subscription
Live demo and download

Your SaaS models should be based on the value your product provides, and different value types require different kinds of subscriptions. SaaS subscription is the perfect HTML landing page template that can help you acquire new users and converts early visitors into potential customers. The template features several nice graphics and pre-built sections, and it’s easily editable with low code skills.

Additional features:

  • Switchable pricing options
  • Working contact form
  • Endless customisation possibilities

37. Dev Space

Dev Space
Live demo and download

Dev Space is a highly practical and beautifully designed landing page template produced for app development consultant services. This template is built on top of reliable infrastructure, that includes comprehensive in-house tools, several free streamline icons, a generous illustration pack, and a well-documented code written with efficiency and easy to maintain.

Additional features:

  • Pre-designed logo clouds
  • Meet our team section
  • Modern use of interactions

38. Landing

Live demo / Download

Landing is a unique and modern SaaS landing page template with the main focus on smooth user experience to make your site stand out from the crowd. All the images from Landing can be used for personal or commercial projects, and with a wide range of pre-built content blocks and components, this template provides you with an unlimited number of customisation possibilities.

Additional features:

  • Deal and card content components
  • Multiple columns hero section
  • Starter template ready

39. Kairos

Kairos Template
Live demo / Download

Kairos is a wonderful app template that enables you to showcase your app with simplicity and style. This template will let your customers discover more about the features your app provides, and with the benefits section first, and the contact forms later, you will gain their interest and trust, so they will give your app a try. Kairos also uses smooth transitions to give your landing a more natural look and feel.

Additional features:

  • Continuous updates and bug fixes
  • Unlimited websites supported
  • PHP and AJAX contact forms

40. Butterfly

Butterfly Template
Live demo / Download

Butterfly is a clean and attractive one page Bootstrap template created for company startups that want to showcase a featured section of the call to action connected with the capability of container elements. Overall, the template is wonderfully developed in HTML 5, and all the supported elements are retina-ready for larger monitors and small mobile devices. Butterfly will help you create a stunning landing page that will make your users stop and think.

Additional features:

  • Premium support via email
  • Full page layout
  • Built with production quality


Landing pages will account for the majority of your users, so they demand your full care and attention. Thanks to this list of free HTML landing page templates, there’s no reason why you can’t have a landing page that showcases your product properly and that converts well.

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Dr. Web

That was an awesome collect, thanks Davide! There’s another awesome list of free HTML themes and templates available at Dr. Web if you are interested.

Thanks again!

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Brett Cooper

I'll check them out too. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrew Jackson

This collection made my day. Finally, I found good designed HTML templates. I found your article from comments on this post Good adition and thank you for your time and effort.

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Great article! Thank you very much Davide for including Inovatik templates in this curated collection. You guys have awesome work on

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Davide Pacilio • Edited

Thank you for your kind words, Lucian, and keep up the great work with Inovatik :)

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Great collection! Also some good finds here:

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Just gave my personal website a new look
Thanks @davidepacilio for the inspiration 👌

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Hi, I have seen lot of website design layout with rounded div corners recently like below.

Is it rounded corners reveal design or Neumorphism or card ui design ?

What is the name of the trend ?

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Calling these free is a bit of a stretch but it's a nice list. Giving my e-mail to a company or signing up for a service is not free in my book...

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Davide Pacilio

Hi Collectasaurus, I totally get your point, but in the end, you're not going to pay ($) for any of these resources, so they are free :)

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U.M.NDOH • Edited

Hello Davide these are lovely but does it means the template that say commercial use not allowed can't be as a business website untill you get the license asking in regards of slick template

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Hamza Nouali • Edited

I'd like to add Frontendor library to this list.
Thanx Davide

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They are really lovely web design.... Great work man

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This is an amazing list and I've bookmarked it for later

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Glad you liked it, Rob :)

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Awesome list! Thank you very much.

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Shaiju T

Nice 😄 , Do you know any good website like themeforest were I can buy responsive and trendy landing page templates for commercial use ?

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Davide Pacilio • Edited

Glad you enjoyed the list, Shaijut :) Have you checked

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Shaiju T

Yes, they have only few templates. All purpose templates, material templates with gallery, slider, contact us etc will be good.

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Thanks... I will try that landing page theme to my site : Zanpaku ID Online
Dock File : Zanpaku ID

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HOLY MOLY! I’ve never seen so much HTML goodness in one place.

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