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Billboards FAQ

What are billboards?

Billboards are a feature of the Forem, the open source code that powers DEV.

They are flexible content units which we’ll be using for a variety of purposes— ranging from encouraging visitors to create an account, to highlighting relevant quality content, to promoting campaigns and helping members discover our platform’s features.

We’re also making the use of billboards available to users of Forem Pro Tools.

Can I turn off billboards?

You are welcome to adjust your billboard settings.

Using these settings, you are able to prevent sponsored billboards from appearing as you browse the site and/or from appearing alongside content that you have authored.

Please note that there are multiple “types” of billboards, and only sponsored billboards will be impacted by this setting. You will continue to see billboards used for “in house” purposes (typically boosting relevant content and promoting campaigns), as well as billboards that accompany an author’s own content.

Who can create billboards?

Billboards on DEV are created by the Core Team, along with members of our Forem Pro Tools program.

If you’re interested in creating Billboards and reaching DEV’s global community of software developers, please check out Forem Pro Tools.