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๐ŸŽฏ Medium vs. DEV vs. Hashnode vs. Hackernoon ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I have been to over 20 calls.
Many people asked me: What platform should I post on?
I think thatโ€™s a valid question but the wrong question to ask.
The real question is: What platform should I launch on?


Your blog ๐Ÿ“„

If you are in tech and want to grow your product, you need a blog that can be good for:

  • Motivated developers who wish to learn more about you.

  • Developers who are doing research about a problem and want to find a solution (SEO).

I donโ€™t like to discuss other benefits, such as credibility and education, that can be for another post.

Now that we have established the importance of a blog, why would you want to use an external blog for your content?

Your external blog ๐Ÿ“œ

What if:

  • People are not aware that they have a problem. (Product without market dominator, such as Novu).
  • SEO has a meager amount of traffic, and the competition is stiff.
  • You donโ€™t have enough time to wait for long-term channels.

You can use external blogs. They have a lot of mixed visitors who scour their platform daily and might be interested in what you offer.
Those platforms work in the โ€œmarketplaceโ€ mode, where they promote interesting and trending articles.

Nothing stops you from posting your article on your website blog and then posting your articles to all the other platforms with a canonical link back to your website. I used a freelancer on Upwork for a few dollars to post my articles on DEV, Hashnode, Hacknoon, and Medium whenever I have a new article.

And for the question, โ€œWhat platform should I post on?โ€ The answer is: all of them.

Traffic to launch ๐Ÿš€

As I mentioned, the biggest question is, โ€œWhat platform should I launch on?โ€
When you launch something, you send every possible traffic you currently have: Social Media, Newsletter, etc. to the platform of your choice. Your main goal is that the platform will reward you with the traffic you send. Here are my thoughts about the different platforms:


Medium is a generalized platform, and it has the most significant amount of audience for developers. If you managed to trend on Medium, you might get tens of thousands of developers reading your content. But itโ€™s hard.

If you are starting, here is what I would do:

I would not put my launch on Medium. I will post my articles there regularly, and after a while, some publications will contact you and give you the ability to publish the post on their feed. Use it, and always post on their feed. I play with my publications between Javascript in plain English, Bits and Pieces, and Dev Genius. After a while, your audience on Medium will grow, you will get more followers exposed to your new articles, and your initial traffic can significantly increase.

Here is a trick I really liked from Ariel Weinberger, founder of Pezzo.

Ariel has the most extensive Udemy course about NestJS. When he has a NestJS-related article, he sends people to the article on Medium and gets thousands of likes. And you can do the same with different traffic sources you have.

Once you have a vast audience, you can feel comfortable to launch on Medium.



DEV is my favorite platform to launch; getting your article trending there requires meager traffic. Their algorithm is still young, so you can quickly bring enough traffic and likes to the platform to be on the top feed.

I had articles there reaching 100k views with a minimal amount of marketing.

The platform consists mainly of juniors and Javascript developers. You acquire an audience fast there; I have more than 11k followers in one year.

I feel like the platform has started getting less traffic than in the past.
Itโ€™s good enough for now, but letโ€™s see what happens next year.

I am a big advocate for DEV, and my blog contains many tricks to get your articles trending there.



Hashnode is an interesting platform. Itโ€™s a blog that consists of many blogs. And on the main, there is a โ€œFeaturedโ€ section for trending articles.

I think DEV made a better approach since when I go to somebody's article on DEV, I stay on the DEV website so that I might be exposed to other people's articles. On Hashnode, you remain in the personal blog, so the traffic is not circulating. As a result, I feel that Hashnode has much less traffic than DEV.

I was featured on Hashnode multiple times and got little traffic.

What I do feel is that

They get new features rapidly outside compared to DEV

The owner of the platforms is very active daily there and helps articles out.

I think there will be a significant change there in the coming years.



Hackernoon itโ€™s the weirdest platform of all of them in terms of design. You can post articles. You have to โ€œSubmitโ€ them. They also charge companies to post. I had one piece there, and the results were โ€œmehโ€ compared to posting on DEV. The platform itself is super complicated, and the UX is awful. I donโ€™t even post there regularly.

I might lack information about this platform as I am not motivated to explore it deeply. Do you think you know better what to do with it? Let me know.


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srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

Great article! DEV is the simplest platform to use and engagement here is pretty amazing.

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

It's really simple and easy!

godot profile image

Good article, one thing I love about DEV is the simplicity of its UI. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Raw markdowns and all that. Hackernoon is indeed the most confusing interface of all!

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Hackernoon is a mystery

rizmyabdulla profile image
Rizmy Abdulla

DEV is the best one to post Technology articles โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช

chantal profile image

DEV is amazing!

garrrikkotua profile image
Igor Kotua

Nice overview, thank you Nevo!

DEV is definitely the best one in terms of traffic

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Thank you so much Igor!

gautamvaishnav profile image
Gautam Vaishnav

Post every where. Coz all the platforms support markdown ๐Ÿ˜…

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Yes, I wrote in the article.
Post in all of them, but launch on one.

codeperfectplus profile image
Deepak Raj
  • Medium is best of traffic and earning.
  • Dev is best for Developers.
  • Hasnode has no traffic.

I haven't used the hackernoon.

voltra profile image

Medium shouldn't be part of the competition. Everyone and their grand-mothers know that if an article is posted on Medium, then it's bad

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Since Medium is a platform like DEV where different people post their content on.

I tend to disagree :)

thevinitgupta profile image
Vinit Gupta

Who else is here because of the Banner?? ๐Ÿคฏ

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Haha, good hook ๐Ÿ˜›

dyfet profile image
David Sugar

Hashnode immediately failed for me on accessibility. Because I am partially blind, I have to use white text on a black background to read, so I set a dark theme. Unfortunately, it seemed to take my color choice for text, but not for background, so I got white text on a white background on the login registration form.

thedenisnikulin profile image

personal blogs are better than them all honesty is full of repeated and unfiltered content, mostly for beginners, very rare to find anything good

ranggakd profile image
Retiago Drago

How can one achieve organic growth on these platforms without having a vast audience beforehand?