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This is a list of high quality guides on specific topics gathered for your learning pleasure. This list of community tutorials is an experimental directory starting with only CSS, Git, and a bit of JavaScript, but will be expanded to cover more overall topics. Enjoy diving in!

If you want a post of yours featured here, make sure it is high quality and clearly includes all relevant keywords in the title and the first paragraph of the post. We want to maximize for readability, even when skimming.

CSS Guides

CSS Align Guides

Oh my, one of the trickier topics! If you're still confused after reading these great guides, it's not your fault, it's CSS.

CSS Animation Guides

Animation in CSS is one of the most powerful things you can master for excellent UX development. Just don't overdo it!

CSS Background Guides

CSS Backgrounds can be a great way to add a splash of color to your pages, but there are a lot of options!

CSS Border Guides

Understanding all things border from border-style to border-size and using them all together.

CSS Box Sizing Guides

Box sizing can be a challenging overall topic. Fear not, however! All your questions will be answered in these great posts!

CSS Display Guides

Remember that different HTML elements come with default display properties! Please find all your display needs below.

CSS Flex Guides

Flexbox and flex properties are incredibly useful and can be mixed with other CSS layout approaches!

CSS Filter Guides

There is a lot you can do with CSS filters, from blurs to colors and more. It is worth understanding the possibilities here!

CSS Font Guides

Understanding font-family, font-size and more. Please leave a comment if you find any posts here helpful. These guides also include tips on loading fonts and handling fonts in general.

CSS Grid Guides

Grid is a powerful concept. Read these guides carefully, there is a lot to learn!

CSS Margin Guides

There is no right or wrong way to do CSS margins, but there are a lot of iffy ways!

CSS Opacity Guides

Let's be transparent: Opacity is an important part of a CSS tookkit.

CSS Outline Guides

A CSS Outline is drawn outside the borders of the CSS. These are tricky concepts, please read the guides thoroughly.

CSS Overflow Guides

CSS Overflow will determine whether content clips or scrolls, etc. It's important to get right when you're not sure the size of the content you're dealing with.

CSS Padding Guides

There's a lot of nuance in effective CSS padding.

CSS Position Guides

static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky! Oh my!!

CSS Shadow Guides

box-shadow, text-shadow and everything about this property! Just don't overdo the shadows, that's never a good look. 😅

CSS Transform Guides

If you understand how and when to use Transform, you can get a lot done! It's also important to understand the difference between Transform and Animnation. Read along!

CSS Z-Index Guides

Z-index is all about discipline and having a plan — easier said than done!

Git Guides

Git Add Guides

The git add command takes a change in the working directory and stages it. It is the precursor to git commit most of the time. Enjoy the guides here!

Git Branch Guides

The git branch command lets you create, update, delete git branches depending on the arguments. Enjoy these guides

Git Checkout Guides

Git checkout is used to navigate between branches. Learn more in these guides

Git Config Guides

Git config allows you to set configuration values either locally and globally. Learn more with these guides.

Git Clone Guides

The git clone command is used to point to an existing git repository and make a copy of that repo in a new directory. Learn more with these community guides.

Git Commit Guides

The git commit command allows you to save your changes to the local git repository you are working in. Before committing, you meed to git add the changes. Learn more in these guides.

Git Diff Guides

Git diff helps track the differences between changes to a file. It is a multi-use command which can be executed in different contexts. Learn more in these guides.

Git Merge Guides

Git merge helps take multiple branches and combine them. Learn more in these guides.

Git Log Guides

Git log will print a the last n commits in a repo. Learn more in the guides below

Git Pull Guides

Git pull downloads files from a remote repo and updates your current HEAD. Learn more in these guides.

Git Push Guides

Git push is used to tajke local files and upload them to a remote git repo. Learn more in these guides below.

Git Remote Guides

The git remote command lets you create, update, delete and view remote repos, such as on GitHub. Learn more below.

Git Revert Guides

Git revert allows you to change a commit history. Learn more in these community guides below.

Git Stash Guides

Git stash is used to record the current state of work, but reverts the context back to a clean slate before the changes were made. Learn more below.

JavaScript Guides

JavaScript Array Guides

Let's get to know the functionality of the JavaScript array object. Hopefully you find these guides helpful.

JavaScript Arrow Function Guides

Let's make sure we get the syntax correct for JavaScript Arrow Functions and differentiate them from other ways of defining functions in JavaScript. Browse below for key guides.

JavaScript Async Guides

The JavaScript Async function is one of the most powerful, yet sometimes unintuitive concepts in JavaScript. Hopefully you will have a better grip over async and async await once you dive into these guides.

JavaScript Date Guides

JavaScript date objects, like many other things in JavaScript, can be tricky. Dates, in general, can be tricky. Thankfully we have a lot of great guides here.

JavaScript Event Guides

A JavaScript Event, in a web dev context, is how a lot of interactivity flows. Sometimes an event is abstracted away by the framework, and sometimes you listen directly. No matter what, hopefully you find these guides helpful!

JavaScript Map Guides

The JavaScript Map functionality is used consistently to iterate over arrays in a consise and useful way. Use these guides to dive into all the JS Map nuance.

JavaScript Promise Guides

A JavaScript Promise is one of several ways to do asynchronous programming in JavaScript, and progress from one part of a program to the next. Get into all the details with these guides.

JavaScript String Guides

JavaScript strings are not always so straightforward, especially how they interpolate and can be interpreted as numbers. Let's get to the bottom of all the functionality in these guides.

React Guides

React Component Guides

React Components are the fundamental independent and reusable bits of code in a React program.

React Props Guides

React Props are arguments which are passed into React components.

React State Guides

React State allows us to manage changing data in an application.

React useState Guides

useState allows you to preservevalues between the function calls.

React useEffect Guides

The useEffect Hook lets you perform side effects in your components.

React useContext Guides

useContext takes the Context as parameter to retrieve the value from it.

React useReducer Guides

useReducer allows for custom state logic.

React useCallback Guides

useCallback is used when a child is rerendering again and again without need.

React useMemo Guides

useMemo returns a memoized value so that it does not need to be recalculated.

React useRef Guides

useRef persists values between renders.

Happy coding!